Hollywood should stop making outrageous and over the top violence ordinary or cool – what do you think? Am I wrong? Is the violence within acceptable standards?

It is time we took a look at violence and what we consider acceptable. I am NOT talking about legislating or stepping on First Amendment rights but rather about generating a dialogue about violence. There is no magic line as to what is acceptable or not (and that line is different for everyone) but some self reflection and talk might not be a bad idea.

One good way to start the dialogue is to compare today’s movie and TV violence with that of just 10 years ago. Has it changed or not? Why does violence sell? why is it entertaining? Are we part of the problem as consumers of it? Why do movie executives continue to push the envelope? And, does violence in movies have any impact on violence in our communities? Does it make it cool? or in some perverse way may violent behavior acceptable?