IMPORTANT: President Jimmy Carter on Sudan / South Sudan – click to read


**  As an aside, before you read what President Carter just said, I have been posting and posting and posting about the crisis in Sudan and South Sudan for more than 2  years!  This is very important….and what is going on in Sudan and South Sudan is just the beginning of what could happen on the entire African continent.  This is important to our nation’s national security.  Don’t forget, the Israelis recently bombed a munitions factory in Sudan built by Iran….Iran is already busy, busy there! ***

President Jimmy Carter:

“The President that brought about the peace agreement was basically George W Bush. Both before and since his term in office, the United States government has not been as deeply involved in South Sudan as we should have been… My hope is that in the future, when we do have a peace agreement negotiated primarily by Africans … that the United States will move in again and have a much greater impact, deliberately orchestrated from the White House and State Department, both politically and economically to help South Sudan stabilize itself.”  [interview on Huffington Post]