Yeah….I saw it…I got teased a lot for saying on ABC THIS WEEK that I thought the President’s pre Christmas press conference was so depressing I wanted to slit my throat (and many of you want me to! HA) — but …this is getting out of hand! click

exclamation point

Where is the enthusiasm?  The conviction?

I just watched Press Secretary Jay Carney’s press briefing and he has zero enthusiasm today (like the President’s pre Christmas press conference.)  It is depressing!  He needs to pick it up, sell us on what he has to say!  Convince everyone!  Instead, he is dragging everyone down with that lack of conviction, passion or commitment.   How can anyone be convinced of any point if the declarant acts so low…so unenthusiastic?

When I tried cases, and stood before the jury, I worked hard to convince the jury, to sell my theory of the case.  If I didn’t believe my theory or my case, or lacked any enthusiasm about it or passion for it, how could I possibly expect the jury to agree with me?

So my message to the Press Secretary…pick it up!

This is not to say everything should be funny (it most certainly is not.)

And of course everyone can’t be in a good mood every day, and every hour…but when you have important jobs, you need to rise to the occasion.