HOW CAN PEOPLE BE THIS CRUEL?!!? There are gifts for Syrian refugee children on this plane, food and supplies etc!! See email I just received from Reverend Franklin Graham!

girl Iraq

This enrages me.  See below – and scroll back to my 12:01pm posting today.

You know how excited everyone was to help the Syrian refugees (children and adults) in the refugee camp in Iraq.  And now see below the note I just got from Reverend Franklin Graham.  

We need the US Government to help with Iraq — to let this plane go, land and unload the cargo.

“Our flight permit for Iraq was denied today. The plane was loaded and ready to go .We had our paperwork in two weeks ago . We don’t know why but I think it is political between the Kurds and Baghdad. The Kurdish government gave us all of the permits and exonerated us from customs. The flight permit has to come from Baghdad,because they control the airspace …Meanwhile we will continue to work to resolve the issue… We have rescheduled the plane for the 25th unless we are denied again..”



Franklin Graham, Iraq