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This is about equal pay for women / Lilly Ledbetter:

Lilly Ledbetter says the president can do more for equal pay: Sign an executive order

By Lilly Ledbetter, Published: January 17


Lilly Ledbetter was the plaintiff in the discrimination case Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and the namesake for the first bill President Obama signed into law. She is the honorary public policy chair for AAUW of Alabama.


Nearly five years ago, newly elected President Obama committed to equal pay for women by signing the bill that bears my name, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act . I joyfully joined the president for the occasion, my mind racing ahead to what this action would mean for American women everywhere.


The day that bill was signed into law marked the end of the hardest fight of my life. The bill directly addressed Ledbetter v. Goodyear , a U.S. Supreme Court decision that essentially said my employer had been paying me unfairly for long enough to make it legal. This law, the very first to receive Obama’s signature, changed that. It restored the long-standing interpretation of civil rights laws, allowing employees to challenge any and every discriminatory paycheck — rather than be hamstrung by short statutes of limitations, as I was in my Supreme Court case.


More broadly, the law renewed my faith in American values. It proved that America’s commitment to fairness and equality is more than rhetoric. The president’s support also showed that the movement for equal pay for equal work was making progress. Women of the United States now had a champion with the authority and drive to do something about it.


Since that bill was signed, the president has recommitted to equal pay on all the biggest stages, including in his inaugural and State of the Union addresses. It’s great to be reminded that he shares my values. Yet his pledge when he signed the bill — that it was just the first step toward closing the pay gap — has gone largely unrealized.


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