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Email from a viewer and only fair that I post it:

Subject: Jerk remark




We’re from Seattle, WA, strong republicans in this liberal state and a avid Fox News viewer. We are really disappointed in your

statement calling Richard Sherman a jerk. But first the other issues – the refs – yes there were some bad or missed calls. I think you were referring to the fumble at the goal line (which did not effect the score) and the Running into the kicker instead of Roughing the kicker. The call was correct as the kickers foot was touched by the defender after it was on the ground. What the refs missed was the two obvious holding violations when Kap was rambling for 57 yards on one play. Another miss was Kap kicking the ball forward after he fumbled to prevent a Hawk from recovering the loose ball. Another miss was a SF assistant coach either accidently or intentionally clothes-lining Lane when he came down the sideline as a gunner on punt coverage. Missed calls were on both sides. The fan that was throwing popcorn on Bowman as he was carted off the field – believe me, the 12th Man fan base is extremely upset that someone for be this classless. Seattle fans are “football smart” and appreciate an all-pro player regardless of what team they play for.

The 12th Man facebook page has apologized to Bowman for this action. As far as the noise from the 12th man, I bet the other 30 teams (Kansas City also has a loud fan base) would love to have this “problem” to deal with. Remember, when the 12th man gets so loud when the visitors are on offense, it also makes it difficult for our defense to get the right coverage as well. The defense has developed a hand-signaling formula as they have to deal with the noise for 8 home games (not including playoffs). Even with 68,000 fans, including some under-cover policeman dressed as SF fans, there were no reported fights and only 1 fight later in the evening at one of the local bars. Unlike the numerous fights that have occurred at Candlestick park after 49er/Giants games. Now about Sherman. Terrell Owens was a excellent guest and was able to provide a lot of insight that I would hope would soften your feelings. He was right that the hard feelings started last summer at a charity event in AZ when Sherman approached Crabtree to shake hands. Crabtree wanted to start a fight and had to be restrained. Sherman stated then that he was going to embarrass Crabtree someday (this was reported in the Seattle Times by Sherman’s brother who was also at the event). Several articles last week in the SF newspapers reported the disrespect Crabtree had for Sherman, calling him mediocre. Erin Andrews grabbed Sherman within 60 seconds of the game ending, when emotions are still at their peak and everyone expects him to act “normal”. The guy had just made the most important play of the game and his career, against his most bitter rival. His comments were directed just to Crabtree, not the 49er’s, nor did he cuss. In fact Ms. Andrews said today that she enjoyed the interview. Sherman has came out today and apologized for his behavior, mostly because the press has made this all about him and not about the team victory. Were some of his antics over the top, yes and Seattle got a unsportsmanlike penalty for the choking motion, but he is one of the most respected and feared defensive back in the NFL. He also does a lot of community/charity work in the Seattle area, including (and your going to love this one) hiring the “replacement ref” that called Tate’s catch in the end zone against Green Bay on MNF to umpire his charity softball game. You might still think Sherman is a jerk – but that opinion should be keep personal and not broadcast of national TV. Love him or hate him – he is the leader of our “Legion of Doom” and hopefully will create a lot of problems for Manning and your new favorite team, the Broncos.