If TV agents were lawyers, they would be disbarred….


Think about it:  most TV agents represent several TV talents, each talent vying for the same jobs.   Each time an agent pitches one talent to a network instead of another client talent who might also want the job, it is hurting the non pitched talent.  That is called “conflict of interest” and a graver problem when both or all the TV talent are out of work.  The lawyers Code of Professional Responsibility specifically bars this conduct – having two clients with same interests where to help one is to the detriment of the other.

And what could motivate an agent to pitch one talent and not the other?  Money.  Think about it: the agent usually gets paid as percentage of the talent’s contract.  Hence the agent wants to pitch the talent he or she believes can draw a bigger contract out of the network.

By the way, and full disclosure, I don’t have an agent and have not needed one.