Email from Reverend Franklin Graham about the 747 full of supplies he wants to send the Syrian refugees in the refugee camp in Iraq – click to read


Franklin Graham, Iraqchildren IraqAs you know, I traveled to Iraq recently with Reverend Franklin Graham and walked a refugee camp. The conditions were as you might expect in a refugee camp – people are cold, scared and hungry. Because of the generosity of so many donors to Samaritan’s Purse, Reverend Graham returned to the USA and immediately made plans to send a 747 to Iraq with supplied (and gifts for the children.) The plane was loaded and ready to go last week when suddenly Iraq said no. Loading a 747 and chartering it is expensive and this was a terrible setback – and cruel to the refugees in such great need. Then a few days later Reverend Graham said he was told the plane would be allowed to depart today – which meant a new charter plus reloading the huge plane. Now read below the email I got late last night from Reverend Graham:

“The plane is not going to go. We were told in the middle the week we had permission and they would issue the permit 48 hours before the flight. Then today we were told we did not have the paperwork in.
The paperwork has been in since December. We refiled everything again last week. I think they’re just not wanting the plane to come. We have some backup plans to get the shoeboxes there. The problem is it just delays the gifts getting to the children along with the other material..”

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