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Key to peace in South Sudan

Ellen Ratner offers ideas to combat civil and tribal-based warfare

Ellen Ratner is the White House correspondent and bureau chief for the Talk Radio News service. She is also Washington bureau chief and political editor for Talkers Magazine. In addition, Ratner is a news analyst at the Fox News Channel.


Two weeks ago, I wrote about lessons learned from the conflict in South Sudan. This week a peace agreement was signed in Ethiopia, and it was broken and violated soon after it was signed. I have been thinking about my friends and co-workers in South Sudan 24/7 and why this happened and what could change it in the future if they could ever obtain peace long enough to implement real change.


Change needs to happen in South Sudan on a micro-level as well as a macro level. I was walking from our tents at Dr. Luka’s residence where we stay to the basketball courts for a meeting as South Sudan became an independent country (July 9, 2011). I was walking with an African-American, and many, many children pointed at me and said, “Kawaja, Kawaja, Kawaja” so many times that my friend was totally dismayed and horrified. Depending on who you talk to, Kawaja means white person, whitey or foreigner. You literally can’t walk outside with kids without hearing “Kawaja” over and over again.


I must have been prescient, because I began the meeting by telling   CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE