Sec of Defense Bob Gates paid $40,000?


Below is an excerpt from Secretary Gates’ book. Like all Cabinet nominees, he had to fill out routine government forms and extra ones because of the national security nature of the job he was selected to fill. It is stunning that he paid out of his own pocket $40,000 to a law firm to help him. The annual salary for the job is I think less than $200,000 so that is not an insignificant amount of money to pay to help get a job.


“I’d done all these before, but the climate in Washington had changed, and inaccurate answers—even innocent mistakes—had tripped up other nominees in recent years. So I was advised to engage a Washington law firm that specialized in completing these forms to ensure there would be no errors. Because I wanted no hiccups to delay my confirmation, I took the advice and, $40,000 later, turned in my paperwork. (I could only imagine the cost for nominees who had far more complex—and bigger—financial disclosures.)”

Excerpt From: Robert M. Gates. “Duty.” Alfred A. Knopf, 2014-01-14. iBooks.
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