House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi goes ON THE RECORD tonight at 7pm/ET


Tonight Leader Nancy Pelosi joins us ON THE RECORD at 7pm to discuss the State of the Union.  As the top woman in the US Congress, and in light of the fact that President Obama will be talking about troop withdrawal, I want to know what she thinks will happen in Afghanistan after we leave — especially to the women.  The Taliban is increasing its influence throughout the country (and in Syria and in Pakistan) which can pose danger to all Americans if they export their terrorism here….but certainly a danger to the women in that region.  I have been present in Afghanistan when the US Govt made a promise to women that the US would never abandon them.  Are we?  I also intend to ask her about the President’s predicted statement that the “State of the Union is strong.” (I think every President says that except President Ford who painted a bleaker picture.”) How can the State of the Union be strong when our two lead parties can’t stand each other?