Note to Margaret Carlson :) — and to women and just about anyone else who will listen

Margaret Carlson

I read this morning a column in Bloomberg by Margaret Carlson – former colleague of mine at CNN.

The headline is “Republicans to Women: It’s Not You, It’s Us. Honest.” The column takes Republicans to task about statements and treatment of women.

My thought? Margaret, the Republicans certainly don’t have the monopoly on saying or doing dumb things with women. Sample this: Anthony Weiner and Governor Spitzer (both with boorish behavior and humiliating their wives.) I have not added it up…but both parties are up to their eyeballs in bad behavior.

And besides bad behavior, there are other ways to measure how parties treat women. Yes, there are more Democratic women in Congress than Republican (a good statistic for Democrats) but in the prized executive role of Governor, Republicans have 4 women to Democrats 1.

Both parties have some ‘splaining’ to do.

As an aside, while there is much to be improved for women on the home front in BOTH parties (including equal pay!), we have a huge problem that we are turning our backs on. It involves women, the women of Afghanistan and a war on women like no other.

We are in a horrible moral mess and we are not talking about it. We are abandoning the very women we promised to help. I was in a room in Kabul, Afghanistan when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised the Afghani women that the USA would never desert them. That was not the only time USA promised the women…and it isn’t just the Obama Administration. It is also the Bush administration.

I don’t pretend to have the answer, but I sure can see the broken promise and the consequences are obvious. The USA is leaving Afghanistan at the end of the year, and the Taliban is moving in already. I don’t need to remind anyone about the Taliban treatment of women.

Last night ON THE RECORD at 7pm I asked Leader Pelosi about this pending crisis for these women and she agreed this is a crisis — but suggested that this would not happen if we get women to the table in Afghanistan. I don’t see that happening….President Karzai won’t sign the BSA, Afghanistan just released prisoners the USA asked him not to release since they are dangerous to the USA, and Karzai just yesterday accused USA of horrible atrocities. We have zero influence in Afghanistan and a few American dollars in aid is not going to change that. Afghanistan is a disaster.

Before we ran out of time during our interview last night OTR, Leader Pelosi also suggested that there are two types of Taliban, moderate and not moderate. That is our fantasy.

Am I wrong?