What is it like RIGHT now in the Syrian refugee camp I went to with Reverend Franklin Graham last month? Click to see these pics

refugee camp

Conditions in the refugee camp are just awful!  It is cold, wet and muddy.  This pic shows you the mud (it was taken just a few hours ago and forwarded to me by Reverend Graham.)

The picture below shows the water / rain in Erbil, Iraq.  Erbil is where we landed and then drove to the Syrian refugee camp.  The mud is horrible — it was even so bad when I was there in December that my boots got stuck as I walked and I almost landed flat in the mud.

The people in this refugee camp are really having a tough time…and let me say again, MANY MANY MANY thanks to the those of you who have donated to Samaritan’s Purse so that they can deliver supplies and heaters.  It makes a big difference.  You are very kind.


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