Finally! The 747 with supplies from Samaritan’s Purse headed to the Syrian refugees in refugee camp in Iraq has landed! Click to read Rev Graham’s email to me:

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See note below from Reverend Franklin Graham:

“The plane has landed. This has been the most difficult cargo flight we have ever dealt with. We have never had so many problems. The boxes are there and Matt has a great plan to distribute the boxes over the next few weeks..”


As you know, I traveled to the refugee camp with Reverend Graham a month ago and we saw the deplorable conditions. Reverend Graham and Samaritan’s Purse has been working ever since then to get supplies, including heaters, to the people in the camps. It has been a nightmare to get permission from the Iraqi government for the 747 full of supplies to land. Well…now it has. That is great news…

and here is a tease…

On Fox News Channel we will be airing a special about the refugee camp and our trip there. It will not be on OTR at 7pm but rather Fox Files. I do not have a broadcast date yet as the producer is still working on it.


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