Here is a good weekend project for some very enterprising person: who gives more money to politics, George Soros or the Koch Brothers? And who would people attack if neither existed?

Koch Brothers Soros

If you step back, you have to admit, both sides of the political spectrum have their villains!  The villains are used by both for aggressive fundraising (emails get sent out all the time saying essentially ‘please give and protect the nation from ____ you fill in the blank, either Soros or Koch Brothers.’)  Both get heavily criticized (devil!) for political contributions by their opponents  – but at the same time, if you are Team Soros you praise him for his generosity or if you are Team Koch Brothers you praise them for their generosity. 

I am curious — who gives more money, Soros? or Koch Brothers?  If you are boycotting the SuperBowl for any reason, help us out and research the answer to this question.