See email I just received from Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers

Kirsten Powers portraits by Len Spoden Photography

Under ordinary circumstances I would ask a colleague before posting an email but I figured that it might look self serving if I did and Kirsten said yes. So..without asking her….I am posting below the email I received from her that she did not send to get attention but to get help for others. The content of the email says a whole lot about Kirsten….and you may not have known what she does when she is not on TV. The email was sent to a broad distribution of people. Makes me proud to have Kirsten a colleague. Read:

Hi — As I’m sure everyone has noticed…it is VERY cold in DC. Now just imagine if you were outside most of the day and night with no way to get warm. This is the plight of many of DC’s homeless. I have been working with a few homeless shelters and they are DESPERATE for coats for the homeless. They additionally need gloves and hats. If you have anything that you are not using and would like to donate them, you can give them to me and I’ll get them to the shelters, or you can email me and I’ll tell you a few options for where you could donate them.

Thanks for considering this!



PS Of course I am going to help. And, as an aside, it is fun to help..and if many do, we can get much accomplished….plus, there is no red tape with private giving…