Thank you ON THE RECORD at 7pm viewers! We remain #1 at 7pm (January 2014)

#1, 1

Let’s face it.  We are number 1 because of you.  If you don’t watch, we are not number 1.  It is that simple.  Hence – you all need to take a bow!  You did it again. (For 11 1/2 straight years you did it at 10pm, too!)

And a note from us?  Thank you….thank you VERY much.

It has been really fun and an adventure to move to our new time of 7pm.  I don’t know about you, but I love the earlier hour.  You would think that the change just meant doing a show 3 hours earlier but changing hours is more than moving up the clock.  There is much more to it and so we have had fun trying to figure out what you all want to see at 7pm.  

As for those of you who are annoyed at the time change (and I can understand how you might not like it – especially since it was done without your ok!), I do hope you still watch us. We have also made lots of new friends at 7pm but we miss those who can’t watch us at 7pm.  After 11 1/2 years in one time period, you get to know the viewers via comments, emails, blogging etc so you don’t like to lose those friends.

Even if you can’t make the 7pm eastern time to watch,  perhaps you would consider using a DVR to record us and see us at a later time that is more convenient?