Am I wrong about this? (and maybe it is the Green Bay Packer one share owner / midwestern blood in me) – click to read

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UPDATE: I posted this posting yesterday. We have now had more time to think about it, and 24 hours more to get a bigger dose of Super Bowl excitement and I wonder if you agree or disagree with me on this:

I would like to see more REAL team fans — from Seattle and Denver — going to the game.    There is something just not right that the SuperBowl is the first game of the season (I bet) for a number of celebrities going.  Do you care that so many celebrities are going to the SuperBowl (assuming I am correct) yet didn’t go to one other game all season? I don’t like it.

Am I wrong? 

And yes, I know the ticket cost is high and out of range for many fans (hence the celebrities who can pay the big bucks) but have you seen how much the NFL makes? Do they really need to have the ticket prices THAT high? 

Am I wrong?