Here is what Aetna said today about Obamacare enrollments – click to read

Email below from FNC’s Jim Angle:

“Aetna’s earnings call from today said that it now has 135,000 people who have paid to enroll in a public exchange, but that it has another 65,000 who enrolled through the exchanges and have not paid. He thought most had signed up online, then chose another policy and never cancelled the first. Because of the notorious “back end” problems, this is yet another snag in the website – which the insurers have been told to fix by hand.

He also said enrollees are skewed toward older Americans, but said there was nothing alarming so far.

He did say, however, that the exchanges are a small part of the company’s business – only 3 percent of revenue and 1 percent of profits—so it shouldn’t have that much effect on earnings.”