TSA gone stupid? TSA putting passengers at risk? Philip Seymour Hoffman


Below is from today’s New York Times…and it is ‘celebrity treatment’ which is both obnoxious to other passengers and, worse, dangerous to other passengers. This celebrity got handled with kid gloves when he should have been denied access to the secure area and to the plane. Why would anyone in his right mind put anyone – in this instance Philip Seymour Hoffman – on a commercial flight in this condition?  Maybe because the TSA are not getting on the plane with him? 

TSA has some explaining to do..

“….Ms. Fehr was flying home, like the actor, from Atlanta that day. She noticed a man — not immediately recognizing him — being escorted to the security checkpoint by a Transportation Security Administration agent. “I just thought it was really odd that this street person was at the airport,” she said. “He put his shoes on the belt and just threw his belt there. You could tell he was very intoxicated.”
She turned to the agent and said, “ ‘You know, it’s funny, he looks like that actor that has three names.’ She looks at me and goes, ‘Yeah, it is.’ He’s trying to put his belt on. His pants are about to fall off and his belly is hanging out. I said, ‘Dude, I hope you don’t lose your pants.’ He just kind of looked at me with this dazed, glazed look,” she said.
After the flight to La Guardia Airport — during which he was photographed, again by a stranger, slumped over in his seat — he was driven away from the gate in a motorized cart….”