Why didn’t George Soros just spend the money and get rid of the problem?


Soros is a billionaire and in a fight with an ex  girlfriend and it is trashy.  She slapped him, knocked his lawyer’s glasses off and it is all over the paper.  Soros may not be the slapper, but what a creep to be involved in this messy lawsuit.

She claims he owes her 1.7million — yes, I know that is a lot of money but not to Soros. Let me repeat, he is a billionaire!  With all his money, it is probably like a dime to everybody else.

This could be blackmail by the woman….but sometimes you have to make smart business decisions. Is this something you really want to fight in the public domain? Is it really worth it? If you could unload this problem for a dime (equivalent to his wealth?) would you not?