Do we REALLY need this? (Am I wrong about this?)

don't get it, question

I was driving down the street of Washington, DC today and a police car pulled up next to me.  My husband and I both looked at it and thought, “really?  Is this really necessary?”

The fancy paint job on the side of the car indicated that it was a DC Public Library Police car!  Does the DC Public Library really need a special police car?  How many do they have?  How much did that cost?  (I may call tomorrow to find out how many cars the Library police have.)

OK, I realize that a public library in a big city needs security — but it needs security at the Library.

If there is a big problem, requiring a chase, the librarian can call 911 like everyone else!   Does the City really need to spend money on fancy police car equipment just for a library police force?   (Maybe chasing late book fees?)