If Fox BROADCAST hired Jay Leno for same show, same time slot as the Tonight Show, what would you call the show? It can’t use the name Tonight Show …

Jay Leno

Of course I have no information about – nor influence on – Fox Broadcast (or Fox News for that matter!)  And I have heard zero to think this would ever happen….

I am just having some creative fun with this because I think programming could be fun….what would you call Jay Leno’s show if he were in same time slot on Fox BROADCAST?

It would be fascinating to see if Leno could move the viewers from NBC (assuming same time slot) to another network.  Viewers can be very loyal to TV talent  — but also stuck in habits and having the TV turned to NBC at that hour may be a habit that can’t be broken. 

Here is another interesting part of this – if Leno were to move successfully to Fox Broadcast at same hour (or another network at same hour), that could have an impact on the morning show, The Today Show.  If you watch NBC (Tonight Show), turn off the TV and go to bed…and then, as is true of many viewers, get up and (coffee, of course!), hit the power button on the TV, you go right to The Today Show.  That is a programming advantage for The Today Show. 

Your thoughts?