New book on Hillary Clinton – click to read

Hillary Clinton, HRC

This book comes out tomorrow.  I have no idea whether it is a fair book…good book…bad book…complete book…incomplete etc.  I only know it is coming out tomorrow.  

The media is consumed with Secretary Clinton and certain she is running in 2016.  I have no information whether she is or is not running, but I can’t figure out why she (or anyone else) would want to.  

 Being President is the last job I would want.  I am too selfish.  In best of times you are a prisoner in the White House.  You can’t go the movies….walk down the street…or do anything without a crowd of Secret Service.  The menbers of the Secret Service are nice, but I like my freedom and I like my privacy.  You have neither as President.  

And in worst of times?  You have problems that can’t be solved and everyone is mad at you. That’s no fun.   I would feel like I was constantly banging my head against the wall.

So why does someone want to be President?  I have no idea. Power? (not worth it)  Air Force 1 (maybe.)