I think Governor Mitt Romney is thinking of running in 2016 – click to read

Gov Romney

I think it odd that Governor Romney has been so visible in the last month. He has made statements about Former President Bill Clinton and President Obama that have grabbed headlines, he penned an op/ed about the Olympics, and he has been on tv. It seems like all of a sudden I see his name appear in the news and I see it often. For a man who typically seemed private, this is a switch.

I suspect – but have absolutely no information to back my suspicions – that he has gotten bored, wants to be back in the game and is testing the water by seeing how much attention his comments generate and the reaction to them.

No one else has gotten into the game in the Republican Party (at least not yet), so he is not way behind in fundraising. He also has name recognition and was popular in Iowa in 2012 (although about 2 weeks after he was named the winner in Iowa, the numbers revealed that Senator Rick Santorum beat him. That news was too late for Senator Santorum and obviously did not damage Gov Romney’s race for his party’s nomination.)

What do you think?