12 years (and 2 weeks) at Fox News Channel — so I bought myself a present (click to read)

gift, present

I just bought myself a stand up desk for my office.

I have been sitting at the Fox issued desk for 12 years (minus the time on the road which has taken me around the world – from USA to North Korea to Afghanistan and Iraq and every place in between) and figured that it can’t be good to sit all day long, and all those hours, right?  I have read articles about stand up desks and how they are good for you and decided, why not try it?  So…I bought myself one.   It is my present to myself.

It is larger than my old Fox issued desk so I also swapped for a bigger office.   The bigger office also means that I can fit 3 chairs in it so that our 3 member DC staff can now meet all at once in one room.   This will be fun.

Let’s hope this was not a waste of money, right? If it was a waste of money, meaning I don’t like the standing stuff, I can’t go back to my old desk (it is headed for the trash since it is in rough shape.)   I may just have to move to sitting on the floor. 

PS Of course Fox provides very well for its employees.  Fox gives me all the tools I need to do my job.   I wanted to do this for myself.