“Gloria Steinem group: Hollywood’s has own ‘war on women,’ choking off major roles, salary from women” — and a SPECIAL NOTE from me to Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem

I am all for equal wages, and equal opportunity.  Women should fight for equality on all fronts.  And yes, the front includes Hollywood.

Women with star power, like Gloria Steinem, need to also keep alive the issue of women and the Taliban.  The United States is breaking its promise to them.  I don’t have the answer …. but I sure can see a problem and a broken promise.   There may be no solution but at a minimum we should be talking about it and trying to come up with a solution.


PS: A note to Gloria: it sure would help women if she historically and now supported ALL women and not just the ones who share her political ideology.  One of the big problems with the women’s movement is that it is not a big tent.  I realize that in the beginning the movement was necessarily fueled by women with at the time radical ideas of the role of women in our society…but that was then…and there is now.    Right now there are 4 Republican women governors and only 1 Democratic woman governor.   The women’s movement, to be a force, must include all women, not just the left.