Time to change Washington — and get REAL transparency (read and tell me what you think – agree with me? or disagree?)


First, of course I want our nation safe but I also know that Presidential Administrations (this one and every other before it) hide their horrible mistakes by stamping the file ‘classified.’  If they don’t want you to see something, they classify it.

There are legitimate reasons to keep information classified, but there are limits.  According to the AP, US drone killed 12 civilians (including the bride) in December.  The burden should be on the government to defend keeping 3 month old information classified.  Why should everyone in Yemen know about it (and you can be sure they do!) — but not us Americans? 

If the Obama Administration continues to keep hidden from the American people information about this AP reported drone strike that killed civilians, I would like to hear an explanation.  If not a legitimate reason, that information should be released immediately.

Note also, that it could be there are parts of the file (drone strike) that need to be kept classified – but those parts can be redacted / blackened.  Even in the most serious instances of the USA fighting terrorism, it is unlikely that an entire report must be classified.  And, of course, the burden on justifying the redacted parts should be on the government.

There should be a presumption of disclosure, not a presumption that it should be classified.   I am in favor of classifying information – but legitimately so…not simply for the purpose of CYA.