My thought after reading a New York Times article about the Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker investigation – read this post and tell me what you think (you might also want to add whether you think this is a fair investigation or a witch hunt)


As you all know, I am from Wisconsin and  as part of my job for ON THE RECORD at 7pm, I cover politics.  So whenever I see a story about a Wisconsin politician – especially one who may run for President – I read it.  

I read this morning’s New York Times article about the investigation into Republican Governor Walker’s political past (when he was Milwaukee County Executive.)

I have a few thoughts about the article and the investigation.

If the investigation finds he did something wrong, that will likely be the end of his career.  So far?  Nothing….but the investigation is ongoing.

In reading about the investigation, I am looking for anything which would suggest he did something wrong, nothing wrong or even that this investigation might be a political witch hunt.  So far?  Jury is out…but I did see something in the NYT article that could be extremely significant.

It is buried deep in the NYT story – towards the end.  It is paragraph 16 of 19 and copied below.  It is a critical piece of information / evidence since it was written by the Governor and back in May of 2010…when he was not under investigation.


“…At one point in May 2010, Ms. Wink resigned after allegations that she had posted pro-Walker comments on The Journal Sentinel website while at her county job. Mr. Walker sent an email to another aide, writing of Ms. Wink: “I talked to her at home last night. Feel bad. She feels worse. We cannot afford another story like this one. No one can give them any reason to do another story. That means no laptops, no websites, no time away during the workday, et cetera…”


The email was sent by Governor Walker back in May of 2010 when he was NOT under investigation.  His email directs his staff to make sure they do NOT violate the law by doing political work on County time (red text above) and thus  could be an important piece of evidence since the allegation (as best I can sort out from this secret investigation) is unlawfully doing political work on County time.   This email could even be the ‘smoking gun’ of innocence.  

But…as noted above…this is an ongoing investigation …and only my thought after going through the NYT article.