Congrats to MS/NBC Andrea Mitchell!

Andrea Mitchell

Andrea is moving her show from 1pm to noon ….and this is great for her.  Besides not getting interrupted by the daily White House press briefings that she did with the 1pm hour, her new hour commences just as the Senate and House hearings recess for lunch.  It is great positioning.  She grabs the guests as they leave the hearing rooms…and her staff turns around the best tape from the  morning hearing to replay during her noon hour.

And, as she is soon to learn (or be reminded), a new hour is a new adventure with all sorts of new challenges.  Even one hour difference can be a big change!  It is fun!

PS: yes, Andrea is a friend and I wish her the best…but I am a team player and hope you watch Fox News during the noon hour.  You can DVR her show while you watch Fox live — just make sure you don’t want the DVR recording of her show during the 7pm eastern hour.  You need to be watching ON THE RECORD at 7pm then!