How does the US make decisions who to help and how? We used military force in Libya to help those civilians ….yet none in Syria. Why? I think it is simply random – some are lucky to get our help, some are not.

So far more than 100,000 have been killed in Syria. Millions of Syrian refugees have fled with nothing but the clothing on their backs. The people who fled are cold, hungry and frightened. I showed you video from my trip to Iraq with Reverend Franklin Graham where we walked the Syrian refugee camp in that country. The crisis is unthinkable and indescribable. And guess what? the crisis is growing and growing.

Now see below the paragraph from today’s Washington Post:

“….[in Syria] the humanitarian threat is far worse than the one that prompted U.S.-led action in Libya at a time when several hundred Libyans had been killed…”

So….only several hundred killed in Libya prompted US military action in Libya…and more than 100,000 in Syria are killed and no military action. Random? That is a giant difference in death toll.

I am not suggesting military action in Syria – merely pointing out how random our foreign policy decisions are.