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Greta, today I went to the Dr. for my first physical (wellness exam) since

I turned 65. So now it is under medicare. My Dr. of 20 years started

with an apology. He told me that I was getting a new medicare

wellness exam under Obamacare. It would consist of a few pages

of questions on a form he had. I don’t have the form but I’m sure

your research team could get it. Any way some were basic health

questions, some were silly. I answered them, he told me my labs

were all OK and that was the end of the exam. He wasn’t allowed

to touch me…..I’m not kidding. In the past, he examined my whole

body. Listened to my heart, lungs etc. Did the belly tap, the rectal

and prostate exam. I had to stand on one leg then the other, bend

over touch my toes etc. He looked at my ears, eyes, throat etc.

Now nothing. He is not a fan of this type of medicine. Just thought

you could let the world know just what were getting with Obama



Ted ****

*******, Colorado