While I am posting about topics that are ‘none of my business,’ — Alec Baldwin is wrong about Rachel Maddow (he calls her a “phony”)


I hope this does not hurt her career to have me come to her defense (that is not the goal) ….but Rachel Maddow just is not a phony.  That is just not true.

You may disagree with her ( or agree ) but she is not a phony.  She has strong views.  You may think she is dead wrong or dead right…or something in between….but she is not phony.

The phony remark by Alec Baldwin is insulting.  If he disagrees with her, he should lay out the facts and debate them or argue them – not just the drive by slap.  That is not fair.

PS Why do I bother to post this?  Because I think it goes right to the heart of our business — whether you believe what one says  or not is important.  Calling someone phony is a terrible insult.  The only response by the target is “I am not” and that is never convincing coming from the target himself or herself —  so, I am stepping forward, and to the extent you credit what I say, I have met her several times, she is not phony.  I am not telling you to agree with her or not to…nor am I saying she is right or wrong on issues.  I am saying, ‘what you see, is what you get.’