Secretary Sebelius said what? Click


See below….and this is just part of what Secretary Sebelius said in an interview with Huffington Post Live…but she is the last one who should be complaining about others (here, Governors) playing politics.  

She KNEW was not ready to launch (even today a story about an HHS official who sent an email last May about the White House disarray / rollout — watch ON THE RECORD at 7pm tonight) yet Secretary Sebelius allowed the website to launch…and she knew people would lose their health insurance yet plowed forward anyway with a terrible website…and she had to know the cost (premiums and deductibles) would go up with Obamacare….and that is just some of it.  So…tell me, to use Secretary Sebelius words, who is “playing politics with peoples’ lives?”  

Secretary Sebelius: “Unfortunately I think what we have in a large case is governors playing politics with people’s lives & with people’s help..”  

PS – I wanted Secretary Sebelius to do well.  I wanted to be proud of her work.  I love to see women succeed – but this horrible rollout has been painful to many and it isn’t like the rollout was an accident, she knew or should have known.