Here is my 1 page jobs bill (and, if I do say so myself, it is better than any other! Simple and sleek)



We need a simple jobs bill that works.  We don’t need a bill that is 7000 pages long that no one can read or understand.  My idea is simple and works.

Before you read it below, think  first: many, many, many young people get their careers launched by first having an internship, learning a skill and making contacts.  Internships are GREAT and best path to careers.  Second, according to something I just read on Mike Allen’s Playbook, “1/3 of US unemployment rates is due to a mismatch between skills that job seekers have and skills that employers need.  Third, the nation’s taxpayers can spend a fortune on job training programs but you often have the situation where  30 graduate  knowing air conditioning repair but there is only 1 job open in the community (and of course the other 29 have houses ‘under water’ and can’t move to find a community that needs an air conditioning repair person.)

Here is my plan – simple.

1/ It is for any age (30? 40? 50? 60?) of employee who has been out of work one year. 

2/ It is a paid internship of $35,000 and no benefits (to make simple for employer.)  The 35k would be routine taxable income to the intern. 

3/ The source of the $35,000 is a tax credit (not deduction) to the hiring employer.  So…it is a complete wash to the employer and we don’t need to build some huge infrastructure to administer it.  An employer just puts it on his / her bottom line on the tax return.

4/ The paid intern: (a) has the chance – one year –  to learn a skill; (b) has income (not drawing down on unemployment or other source of funds); (c) can make himself or herself very valuable to the employer so that the employer wants to hire him/her at the end of the internship; (d) is spending the $40k in the community on groceries etc. so as to help the local economy.

5/ In this economy, employers are afraid to expand.  Under my idea, the employer has a risk free one year expansion.  This gives the employer a chance to ‘test run’ someone.   Good interns help expand business and this may have an impact on revenue to the business during that year.

6/  It can be any business – from service to manufacturing to anything.  This would be a great opportunity to learn a new skill.  

The paid internship must exceed that amount someone could receive on unemployment as an incentive to do this.  One thought to consider, should we limit how many interns one business can hire?  

An idea to work, must be simple — not saturated with regulations and rules or a million congressional hearings and red tape.  A simple idea allows us to just get down to work.  

PS Whatever we are doing now is just not working.  We need new ideas.  I am curious how many people will simply knee jerk look at my idea and try to figure out ways it does not work – those are the “Debbie Downers” and how many look at it and think, we should try something new and simple.  :)  I like good ideas, and if you can improve on my plan, great…tell me…but don’t just rip it.   We need new ideas, new solutions.