Note about Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley – I just heard Carl Cameron’s report on O’Reilly


I was driving home tonight listening to Bill O’Reilly’s show and heard Carl Cameron on his show.  Carl said that Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley is running for President in 2016 (or considering a run.)

My husband is from Maryland and knows Governor O’Malley very well – they are old friends.   Note, however, I have no more information that what I just heard Carl say.  I only note the friendship since if it turns out Carl is correct, and Governor O’Malley does run, I want you to know of my husband’s connection to the Governor.   

As an aside….as I look at all the potential candidates for 2016 (both Republicans and Democrats), my husband and I will probably know many of them.  We have lived in Washington for a long time and that just happens when you live here.  I will do my best to be fair to all of them.  

PS – it just occurred to me that because I am from Wisconsin, like my husband is from Maryland, I know Governor Scott Walker and Congressman Paul Ryan – both potential Presidential candidates in 2016.