Big news in the Benghazi investigation — could it spell trouble? Click to read notes from FNC’s Catherine Herridge after interview with House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers


Rough notes from FNC’s Catherine Herridge:

Republican allegations that former Acting and Deputy Director misled congress over the Benghazi talking points took a dramatic turn today, with the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee, Mike Rogers, telling Fox in an exclusive interview that it is “likely” Morell will be recalled to testify before the House intelligence committee, and his investigators are also reviewing the testimony of former CIA Director David Petraeus to assess whether he should testify again.


Morell is accused of misleading lawmakers over the talking points, the white house role crafting the talking points, and Morell’s own role. Petraeus rankled some lawmakers immediately after the attack when he put the emphasis on a flash mob, and spontaneous event, rather than a terrorist attack. After he resigned over the affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell, Petraeus insisted to lawmakers that he knew it was terrorism from day one.


This means, the former number 1 and number 2 at the CIA, are now under the microscope over Benghazi.



MORRELL testify again?

13:20:16 yes we are having some transcript reviews we’ve been continually doing that through the cmte 132020 we are looking at director petraeus’–transcripts & reviews looking at what information we have now available sometimes that second interview can be equally important and it is

likely we will have director morrell up to testify before the committee132037



13:20:42 absolutetly and we are not going to take any lead off the table and if there are some clarifying questions that we can get done that leads to a conclusion an appropriate conclusion and finding a fault in this particular event we’ll— everybody is subject to coming back to the committee132054