Pretty nutty — and the big problem with the nuts? click to read

truck, Tea Party

It just takes a few nuts – maybe even just one nut – to poison opinion against a group.

Many criticize the Tea Party but think about it, all the Tea Party wants is a smaller government.  Whether you agree or disagree with a smaller government, that is not exactly axe murder!

It is unbelievable how the Tea Party has been demonized by the Democrats and yes, some Republicans.  They are demonized in part because politicians know that creating a villain – even unfairly – is a great way to fundraise.  Consider this: Koch Brothers  (Democrats’ villains) and George Soros (Republicans’ villain.)

But…here is a pic of a truck I assume owned by a member of the Tea Party since outside a Tea Party event.  This is a nut.  He just makes it harder for good intentioned people to make an important point.