It is time for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to step aside…he is not a leader, he is a bully


It is time for Senator Harry Reid to relinquish his post as Senate Majority Leader….and if he does not, his fellow Democrats should shove him aside.  He is not leading.  He is just a bully.  

Senator Reid has a history of making insensitive remarks about politicians (his remark about President Obama) and even reckless remarks (his unsubstantiated remark about Governor Romney) — and while his history makes Senator Reid look bad, so be it.  Politicians are ‘big boys and big girls.’  They can take it.  It merely reflect on Senator Reid.

But…now Senator Reid has crossed the line.   He said on the Senate Floor that the ALL the horrors that many Americans are facing are untrue.   He is cold…and nasty…maybe even delusional if he believes what he says….and he is picking on Americans who are frightened and hurt.  That’s over the line.   He knew it was false when he said — and his colleagues know it is false.  It is one thing to insult a fellow politician but another to pick on Americans who are hurting and / or scared.

This posting is not about whether you favor Obamcare or not….or whether you think there are problems with Obamacare and that the problems can be fixed or not…this is about the quality of a Leader and what the Senate needs and what the American people.  We don’t need him and neither does the Senate.  Senator Reid has now demonstrated over and over that he is not a leader but a bully.  

Senator Reid should do the right thing – step aside from his leadership position.  If he doesn’t, the Democrats should do the right thing.   These are very tough times for people and we need good leaders.