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To: Show -OnTheRecord

Subject: Rob Ford


Hi Greta,

I am a resident of Toronto, CA and I am very disturbed how you speak about our mayor, Rob Ford. I want to set the record straight, and please, I would appreciate if you show this email on your program. Please note that although Rob has confessed to smoking crack/cocaine, he’s THE BEST MAYOR Toronto has had for the last 25 years!!! Most politicians, both in Canada and the US, are corrupt and steal tax payers monies for their own agendas. Our provincial government cancel a gas plant because they wanted to win the election a few years ago, wasting billions of taxpayers money; my money. How about you and all the other news media focus on that? How about you focus on the fact that America is going to all these other countries, Syria, Ukraine (and they did it in Libya) handing out weapons, creating all kinds of upheavals for their own political agendas? Most politicians would not do what Rob did and that is to admit to something like that. I don’t care about what Rob does in his personal life, I just care about the fact that he help me save money in my pocket so don’t use your program to taunt and disgrace our mayor. If you don’t have something good to say about him, please leave him alone!



Toronto, CA