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Subject: Harry Reid called me a liar, too

I lost my health care insurance due to Obamacare.

My premiums and deductibles are in total more per year than my old policy.


My replacement policy is almost $12,000 per year in premiums and then a $5000 deductible on top of that. So I have to pay $17,000 of after tax money to pay for this.


Some of my doctors did not take the Obamacare—my diabetic doctor did not. Then his group decided to.


Harry Reid is telling flat out lies on the floor of the United States Senate. How can he get away with that? We do that at work and we get fired.




Ed *******

Canyon, Texas



How long will my cancer treatment doctor @ only Cancer Treatment Center in 100 miles continue to see me as a patient when his $102.00 billing to medicare is approved for $49.24 . (Includes a blood test)I am a diagnosed lymphoma patient who has opted for screening and blood test every 3 months, after extensive surgery, to address my progress.   Medicare’s explanation of reduced payment stated that payment was reduced due to Federal, State and Local Rules.   Can you address this issue?


Subject: Medicine

I went to my pharmacy to pick up my medicine. I was told that I needed to go to a store 10 miles away.

Due to Obamacare Obama put a cap on each stores medicine so there was not enough at my regular store.

This is just crazy.

Shirley ****

New Orleans, La


Subject: GretaWire Comments



We live in a small town in Michigan called west olive.

We proudly worked for what we have.

Pay our bills.

Obama care….

Had blue cross for health insurance.

$219.00 a month for myself.

Letter came in the mail that the health insurance was going up to $ 377.00 a month and a higher deductible, With less coverage.

Tried to contact them to no avail.

Got them on the phone one night. Held on and at 8:00pm. A recording came on saying good-bye we are closed for today. Leave your phone no. And we will get back to you.

No get back.

So we need insurance.

Contacted someone in our area.

Got insurance.

$337.00 a month with a $8500. Our last deductible was $2500.00.

Now we have been receiving letters almost weekly from blue cross.

Wanting us for a customer.

I had a good insurance.

Before this Obama care started now I am in worse shape than ever.

Help us American get affordable health care.

Harry Reid, is not in the average Americans shoes. We are just trying to make ends meet.

Live the American dream.

Don’t lie to us.

We are not the liras here!