Way too spoiled …. click


You know that I love my animals and take very good care of them…but sometimes, I have to admit, they are way too spoiled.  One of my cats, Ozzy, (yes, from Sharon and Ozzy) will not eat unless I stand next to him while he eats. It is and he is completely nuts.  I am busy and standing next to a cat eating is not the best use of my time…but alas, I do it.  I stand there like a fool so he will eat. My husband says Ozzy will eat when he gets hungry but I have tried that and he out waits me….and he has to eat. He is stubborn…but this is absurd. Plus…if I just leave the food out, and try to out wait Ozzy, the dogs will eat the food. So…rather than fight this battle…I have given up. I stand there like a fool.

Now…I know…I am NOT the only one who does ridiculous things for my pets …so time for you to fess up.  What ridiculous things do you do for your spoiled rotten pets?