Tonight ON THE RECORD at 7pm, Senator Chris Murphy defends Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his “all Obamacare horror stories are untrue” — Senator Murphy pointed to Senator Reid’s “walk back” – click to read


Senator Murphy’s staffer told me that some time (90 minutes was the estimate given me) after Senator Reid made the statement on the Senate Floor using “all” that he “walked the earlier comment back.”  I was told to check out the twitter feed of a Roll Call Reporter.  Here it is: (with part of a twitter conversation from ???).

I am trying to find more information.

Frankly, I think Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should have made a bold apology that dwarfed Senator Reid’s original comment.


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Here is more from

Harry Reid walks back claim that ObamaCare woes are bogus

By Lauren AshburnPublished February 27, 2014

If you don’t know what the term “walking it back” means, Harry Reid’s Twitter feed is a textbook case.

He took to the Senate floor Wednesday morning saying that Republicans lie, and then tweeted a YouTube video of his remarks along with this caption:

“While Republicans use tall tales to attack Obamacare, Democrats have real stories of people who are saving on their premiums thanks to the law. We don’t have to make things up.”

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