How are Lois Lerner’s emails not front page news? a very tempting clue in an issure about IRS targeting!


In reading Lois Lerner’s emails, for the first time, there is revealed a possible motive in the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups scandal.

Until now the IRS has been claiming the Tea Party groups scrutiny was only coincidental – not deliberate.  With the emails, the IRS has a lot of explaining to do.  (Scroll back to yesterday and read the posted emails.)

The media should be interested in the fact that the IRS has not surrendered all Lois Lerner’s email in compliance with the Oversight Committee subpoena – but apparently the media is not so interested.

I realized the events in Ukraine are important – they are – but there is lots of room on newspaper front pages.

The IRS needs to turn over forthwith ALL her emails subpoenaed by the House Government Oversight Committee.  This story will only go away when all the facts are out.

Here is my quick review of some major newspapers:

Wall Street Journal (a corporate relative to Fox News Channel) – no coverage

New York Times – no coverage

USA Today – no coverage

Washington Post has 2 stories – neither of which is on the front page and one of the 2 stories is about Chairman Issa turning off the microphone when Congressman Cummings spoke.