I am not in favor of rude behavior but —–

is this the best use of Congress’ time?

Today Congress did NOT vote to get more information out of the IRS in connection to the IRS targeting scandal (the IRS is withholding Lois Lerner emails.)

Congress also did not vote to consider holding Lois Lerner in contempt for not answering questions.

I assume Congress would say it does not have the time (or the appetite?)

But Congress did vote on whether to punish Chairman Issa for cutting Ranking Member Cummings microphone. (Republicans are in the majority and the vote is not to punish Chair Issa.)

Frankly, if we begin to punish politicians in both parties for what they say or do to each other,  we will need to add 2 more 24/7 cable networks.

So….what about the IRS?  Why isn’t Congress focusing on the targeting of citizens with their spare time?

What do you think?

And PS: Let me repeat, I am not in favor of rude behavior.