It isn’t important to them? another gross example of what really matters to some …..


First, yes, both parties do it. Second, I am really not sure many of them  – politicians and their cheerleaders –  care about the American people. Politicians and their cheerleaders seem to care only about fighting and winning.  Is that why we elect them?  See below an excerpt from one of the first articles I read this morning.  It is politics today.

While the world is on edge as to what is happening in Ukraine and with Putin, and the possibility of another dangerous Cold War, the DNC is worried about winning and using the crisis against the Republicans. The decent thing to do at an important time in history – like now – would be for both parties to be working together to figure out what, if anything, the United States should do. The excerpt below shows how petty some politicians and their cheerleaders are.

Yes, of course it is not just the Democrats. Both parties do it… but would you not think once in a while they would think more about the issues? or how about thinking about you and the future for your children?


“The Democratic National Committee urged party officials to go on offense against Republican “hypocrisy” over the crisis in Ukraine on Thursday evening, sending out a confidential list of talking points that assailed President Barack Obama’s critics for “political posturing” in the midst of an international crisis.
The talking points, which one recipient shared with POLITICO, punch hard at Republicans who seek to pin Obama with blame for Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine. The GOP didn’t blame former President George W. Bush for Russian hostility toward the Republic of Georgia…” [from Alexander Burns/ Politico]