OFFICE ADVICE (update on my new standing desk)


A few weeks ago I bought myself a stand up desk.  It is electronic and goes up and down so that can also use it sitting.  I also bought a new chair.  And?  Well…so far, buying the chair was a waste of money.  I have yet to use it.  I stand 100 % of the time and I love it.  I actually feel better – I have more energy because I am constantly walking (from one area to the other of the desk — rather than swivel on a chair to get to another part of the desk set.)  Before I was sitting about 12 hours a day when I was not on the road and that zapped me of energy.  I felt a bit like a slug but I love this new desk.

So…if any of you are looking to buy new furniture, you might want to investigate a stand up desk.  

Of course, stand up desks are not for everyone but I can’t imagine going back to sitting at a desk.