This lawyer is awful — and pathetic (this is why he went to law school? to help peddle sex tapes of a dead TV icon?)

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 (Yes, I know….the guy selling the tapes is pretty gross, too…but I will leave you to comment about him.)

The person who has a copy of the Johnny Carson sex tape now wants to sell it … but potential buyers have to blindly cough up a fortune just for the chance to see it.


The attorney repping the guy who has the tape tells TMZ … his client will hold viewing parties for people interested in buying the 70’s home video showing long-dong Carson banging one of his wives.


Now get this — in order to even see the tape … prospective buyers must make a blind bid. The seller is not setting a price. He’ll just review what’s on the table.


And it gets even crazier. To qualify to see the tape, prospective buyers must show they’re serious by depositing their bids into an escrow account. And, like Carson’s schlong, only huge offerings will make the cut.


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