Just thinking …. what would be the MOST FUN two presidential tickets to cover in 2016?


And before you read my list, understand that it is just today, and just a fleeting thought…and my mind changes every hour on this.  By the time you read this, I may have changed my mind completely.

This is also NOT about WHO I would like to see winjust what two races would be fun to cover as a reporter:


Senator Rand Paul / Governor Susana Martinez


Secretary Clinton / Governor O’Malley


Of course I am just having some fun this morning.  By the time I get to NYC, I may have a different idea of what two tickets would be fun to cover in 2016.  I just think the above 4 would create some great debate.

Note also: my husband, who is from Maryland, knows Governor O’Malley VERY well and if he does run, I will have to repeatedly disclose to the point where it will seem to some as silly (that they already know it!)