President Obama speaking about Russia and expanded sanctions – including Russian individuals (NOTE: PRESIDENT SAID PREPARED TO ADD MORE SANCTIONS IF NECESSARY)


Notes from FNC’s Joy Lin:


Pres Obama spoke for less than 5 minutes in the briefing room. He repeated what he said to Putin yesterday, which is that the Crimea referendum is a clear violation of the Ukrainian constitution and international law. He announced new sanctions, authorized by the EO he signed on March 6, as well as the signing of a new executive order that expands the scope of further sanctions. Potus said that if Ukraine continue to interfere, US will stand ready for more sanctions. He underscored the condemnation shared by international partners, said VP Biden heading to Europe tonight (announced Friday) and he will be going to Europe next week (this was a pre-planned trip). He ignored shouted questions


10:45:13 good morning everybody. in recent months as the citizens of ukraine made their voices heard, we’ve been guided by a principle: the future of ukraine must be decided by the people of ukraine. 10:45:32 ukraines sovereignty must be respected, intl law upheld. 10:45:39 russias decision to send troops into crimea has drawn condemnation. the US has mobilized the intl community in support of ukraine. 10:45:55 we saw this intl unity again over the weekend when russia stood alone defending its actions. 10:46:01 As i told pres putin yesterday, referendum was a clear violation of Ukrainian constiution and international law and it will not be recognized by the international community

10:46:22 today i’m announcing measures to increase the costs on russia and those responsible. 10:46:30 first, as authorized by the EO i signed, we’re imposing sanctions on specific indivs responsible. we’re making it clear there are consequences for their action. 10:46:51 sedcond, i’ve signed a new EO that expands the scope of sanctions. i’m authorizing sanctions on officials and indivs who provide support to snr officials of the russian govt. if russia continues to interfere, we stand ready for more sanctions. 10:47:19 third, we continue consultations w intl partners. 10:47:24 tonight, biden departs from europe, where he’ll meet leaders of NATO allies, poland, estonia, lithuania. i’ll be traveling to europe next wk. as NATO allies, we will uphold commitment. 10:47:45 fourth, we’ll make clear further provoctions will achieve nothingb ut isolate russia. 10:47:58 the intl community will stand together and continued intervention in ukraine will only deepen ecnoomic isolation and toll on Russian ecnoomy. 10:48:11 going forward, we can calibrate response based on whether russia choose to escalate or deescalate. 10:48:22 theres still a path to resolve situation diplomatically in way that addresses interests of russia and ukraine. that includes pulling troops back to bases, engaging in dialogue w ukrainian govt. 10:48:52 but we’ll stand firm in our unwavering support for ukraine. 10:49:00 the US stands w the people of ukraine and their right to determine their destiny. we’ll keep working w congress and intl partrners to offer ukraine economic support it needs, and we’ll continue to look at range of ways to help ukrainian friends achieve their rights, security, prosperity, dignity they deserve. thanks very much. i think we’ll be available for questions. thank you.


10:49:42 POTUS walk out (ignores shouted questions)